Our commitment to customers

At Wesleyan Bank we always endeavour to help and support our customers through any life events when extra support is needed.

Extra Care

Wesleyan Bank considers the following non-exhaustive examples as triggers where in our operations we will look to provide appropriate support in all scenarios. We welcome customers to talk to us to help us understand their needs.





Physical Disability

Caring Responsibilities

Low or Erratic Income

Low Knowledge of Confidence in Managing Financial Matters

Severe or Long Term Illness


Over Indebtedness

Poor Literacy or Numeracy Skills

Hearing or Visual Impairment

Income Shock

Low Savings

Low English Language Skills

Poor Mental Health

Relationship Breakdown

Low Emotional Resilience

Poor or Non Existent Digital Skills

Low Mental Capacity or Cognitive Impairment

Having non standard requirements such as ex offenders, care leavers, refugees

Lack of Support Structure

Learning Impairments


We believe the best way to support our customers is to gather an understanding of your circumstances, so there is nothing to worry about, we will always look to:

  • Listen to you and try to understand how your situation may be impacting your finances and ability to manage your account. We will pay particular attention to whether you mention anything that could indicate extra care is required (E.g. mention of illness, hospital stay or treatment, diagnosis, depression) in order for us to, where required support you to the best of our ability.
  • Check whether you have had previous discussions with us so we can avoid duplicated conversations and enable us to tailor our approach to your specific needs.
  • Be proactive in identifying any indicators that you may need a little extra support from us.
  • Ask questions to obtain a full understanding of your situation in order for us to fully establish what we can do to tailor our approach to any specific needs you may have. For example, would you need any additional assistance such as documents in large print or a clearer/slower explanation of the product.
  • Encourage you to speak openly. We are committed to ensuring that you are achieving the most appropriate customer outcomes and that we provide you with the best service that we can.

If you require additional support, please contact us using the correct telephone number below, to speak to someone who can help you. Alternatively, you can also email us.

Available Services 

Alternatively, if you would like any additional support from a number of services available on the internet, please use the following links to help you through this difficult time:


External Service

Telephone Number


UK Government



The Office of Public Guardian (OPG)

0300 456 0300



0800 138 777


Citizens Advice

0800 144 8848 (England) / 0800 702 2020 (Wales)


The Samaritans

116 123