On 28 February 2022 Wesleyan Bank became part of the Hampshire Trust Bank Group and is no longer part of Wesleyan Assurance Society.


Since then, we have been carrying out a review of the products and services we offer. As a result of that review, we decided to withdraw from the savings market, and we have already stopped offering savings accounts to new customers.

We are now starting to write to our existing savings account customers to let them know that we are closing their account.

General Questions

Why has HTB bought Wesleyan Bank?

The acquisition of Wesleyan Bank by HTB brings additional scale to the combined group, creating a bigger, better organisation with better outcomes for our customers.

Why has Wesleyan Group sold Wesleyan Bank?

Following an in-depth review Wesleyan found that the opportunities that lie ahead for Wesleyan Bank sit predominantly outside of their specialist customer groups which is why they agreed the sale to the HTB Group, enabling both businesses to grow as part of a larger banking entity.

For Wesleyan, the sale will help to further enhance the products and services they offer to doctors, dentists and teachers, while delivering long-term value for their members.

Who is Hampshire Trust Bank?

HTB is a leading UK specialist bank based in the City of London, which helps small and medium sized enterprises realise their ambitions through a range of property and business funding solutions. We also provide award-winning savings accounts to both individuals and businesses.

Does this impact the other products I have with Wesleyan Group?

Customers of Wesleyan Assurance Society, Wesleyan Financial Services, Wesleyan Unit Trust Managers and Practice Plan / DPAS are unaffected by this change. You can continue to liaise with your Specialist Financial Adviser or Relationship Manager as you do today.

Who should I contact if I have any further questions?

Our contact details have not changed and can be found here. If you have an online savings account you can continue to manage it in the usual way by logging on here.


Will I continue to receive the same FSCS protection under Wesleyan Bank or will my cover be affected?

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme will continue to provide protection to the depositors of both Wesleyan Bank and Hampshire Trust Bank. There is a separate limit for each bank, so deposits with Wesleyan Bank remain protected up to £85,000 per eligible depositor and deposits with Hampshire Trust Bank are separately protected, also up to £85,000 per eligible depositor.

Has the way I manage my account changed?

No. You can continue to manage your account using internet banking here in the usual way and you can call us on 0800 358 1122.

Can I close my savings account with Wesleyan Bank and will I be charged to do so?

You may terminate your account and withdraw your money at any time, without any penalty or charges.

Can I open a new savings account?

We will not be offering new accounts to customers. As we are now part of the Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) Group, you may find an alternative savings account that suits your requirements by visiting htb.co.uk

Savings rates have generally increased and we would encourage you to search the market for the best rate.

Can I transfer my ISA to another provider?

Yes, open an ISA with your chosen provider and ask them to transfer your Wesleyan Bank ISA to them.

Savings rates have generally increased and we would encourage you to search the market for the best rate.